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Whether you’re facing statistics-related challenges or striving to meet ambitious research objectives, the Stats4edu team is here to help. Our solutions are tailored to meet your project planning needs and deadlines, so you can achieve success.

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Luca Baldassarre

Ph.D in Machine Learning

  • 50+ scientific papers​

Head of Economics Team

Ouarda Merrouche

Ph.D in Economics

  • 72+ scientific papers​

Head of Mathematic Team

Igor Malyk

Doctorate in Maths

  • 27+ scientific papers​

Head of Psychometric Team

Kunle Ayanwale

Ph.D in Educational Measurement, Assessment and Psychometrics,SA

  • 43+ scientific papers​

Head of Biostatistics Team

H Akhtar

Ph.D in Biostatistics

  • 26+ scientific papers​


Willy Gayo

Ph.D in Applied Statistics

  • 10+ scientific papers​


Alessandro Ansani

Ph.D in Psychology & Cognitive Science

  • 20+ scientific papers​

Head of Psychometric Team

Kunle Ayanwale

Ph.D in Educational Measurement, Assessment and Psychometrics,SA

  • 43+ scientific papers​

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  • The best for every budget

    The best for every budget

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    Quality of work done quickly

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    Protected payments, every time

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" Highly, highly, highly recommended. I learned so much from this team, they helped me with SEM for my dissertation, provided timely, detailed, thorough explanations of everything, checked all my work, offered suggestions, and worked VERY hard. I am so glad I found them--I might never have finished my degree if I hadn't. :-)"
Christie McWilliams
Ph.D student, United States

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Stats4Edu offers services to help students, educators, and researchers achieve their goals, including statistical analysis, coding, programming, academic writing, tutoring, and online consultation. We have the expertise to help you succeed with any project.


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Students with a verified .edu email account are eligible for a Financial Support  (up to 250$) under some conditions. The discount will be applied to the first project order (excluding any renewals or Consultation booking). Students who have ordered a Project help, Supervision  within the last 6 months are not eligible for the discount. Offer only valid on future actions, not applicable to past payments. Discount shall be void and no longer valid if, for any reason, the order, or your right to use the Stats4edu.com services, is canceled, terminated, and/or suspended. One discount per customer/individual/entity. Contact support for more details .