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Get advice from Talented expert on scoping, and Talk to a consultant that knows your work process, plan, and right statistics method suits your project.

Get advice from Talented expert on scoping, and Talk to a
consultant that knows your work process, plan, and right
statistics method suits your project.

Popular consultation topics

Hands-on support

Learn 1-on-1 from someone who’s been through it before

Get your questions answered

Talent can help you scope out the steps and specific skills that your project will need. 

Plan your project

Along with a meeting, some consultants offer project plans or time and cost estimates.

Build relationships with experts

Work with talent on a smaller scale first to see if they’re a good fit for a larger project.

How it works

Book a consultation

Book a 30- or 60- minute consultation call.

Share your project details

Send information about your project and what you want to talk about. 

Join them on zoom or Teamviewer

Meet 1-on-1 to get advice. After, you’ll get documents to help you move forward. 

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Consultation FAQs

How do I book a consultation?

You’ll need to choose which expert you want to work with. You can see what they specialize in and how much they charge per 30 or 60 minutes.


You can also see what documents they’ll provide after the consultation. These may include a project plan, time and cost estimate, meeting summary, or a combination of those.


When you’ve found the perfect consultant, here’s how to book:

  • No hassle. No creating account necessary

  • Schedule a consultation from the available times on the consultant’s calendar
  • Continue to checkout
  • Enter a payment method or choose your existing payment method
  • Confirm and send your payment for safekeeping
  • Send the consultant’s requirements within 24 hours
What happens after I book a consultation?

First, you’ll need to send any requirements the consultant needs. They might need information on your business, on the work you want done, or anything else that helps them plan for your consultation.


You can fill them out right away, or within 24 hours of booking the consultation. But if you don’t send anything after 24 hours, we’ll automatically cancel the consultation.


Next, the consultant will review your responses and prepare for the consultation. If they find they aren’t able to help you with what you need, they’ll cancel and you’ll get your money back.


Then you’ll meet with them on Zoom or TeamViewer to discuss your questions. After your meeting, the consultant will send you the documents (if necessary) they offered as part of their consultation. From there, you can review the documents and approve work.

How will I work with the consultant?

You’ll get a new virtual workspace called a workroom — a page we create for your consultation. It will track whether you’ve submitted the requirements, show the time and date of the meeting, and show the follow up after the meeting.

You can message your consultant from the workroom. You can also see past messages and documents that you and your consultant have submitted.

How do payments work?

When you find a consultation you want to book, we’ll ask you to pay now. your payment is safe and sound until you receive and meet the consultant .

This way, the consultant knows you’re able to pay as promised.

But there are some exceptions if you cancel at the last minute or don’t show up for the consultation. Review the guidelines for consultations.

Canceling a consultation

If you cancel more than 24 hours before the consultation, we’ll give you a full refund.

But if you cancel within 24 hours, we won’t refund your money .


Rescheduling a consultation

You can reschedule meeting up to 24 hours before your consultation.


Late policy

While we encourage you to be on time, we understand things come up. You can be up to 5 minutes late for the consultation. After 5 minutes, the professional consultant can consider you a no-show.


No-show policy

If you don’t show up, you won’t get a refund .

If something happened or you had an emergency, we’re happy to talk with you about your options. Please Contact the support .

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Stats4edu offer for students

Students with a verified .edu email account are eligible for a Financial Support  (up to 250$) under some conditions. The discount will be applied to the first project order (excluding any renewals or Consultation booking). Students who have ordered a Project help, Supervision  within the last 6 months are not eligible for the discount. Offer only valid on future actions, not applicable to past payments. Discount shall be void and no longer valid if, for any reason, the order, or your right to use the services, is canceled, terminated, and/or suspended. One discount per customer/individual/entity. Contact support for more details .