Do you have challenges with your thesis or manuscript?

We are a one-stop platform for top-notch thesis and manuscript services

The goal is to help transform your thesis/ manuscript to meet set benchmarks.

Cutting-edge and revision to accommodate editorial or review expectations.

Review+Expert Opinion

Review of Thesis/ Manuscript and provision of expert opinion to aid its retooling. 

We draw from a rich pool of academics and reviewers with experience in thesis/ manuscript management.

Technical Audit

We deliver an objective-driven technical audit of your thesis/ manuscript.

The technical audit approach helps to give a robust picture of the state of development of the document.

Grammatical Evaluation and Correction

We will provide the editorial inputs to improve the grammatical makeup of the document.

Qualitative Data Collection

Streamlined Process

We can help streamline the data collection for optimal alignment with the research objectives.

Choice of Measurement Scale

The correct measurement scale (nominal or ordinal) will be captured in your qualitative dataset.

Data Analysis and Research Objectives Alignment

We will help to align the data analysis with the research objectives.

Comprehensive Scrutiny of the Data Analysis

We will help you resolve observed issues in the data analysis. 

We can also incorporate new materials and results if required.

Qualitative Data Analysis Steps

We can provide the requisite guidance through all the steps in the qualitative data analysis process. These include data collection, organization, transfer into a statistical database, data coding, validation, and the full analysis.

Categorical Data Analysis Tests

Our team of expert statisticians will provide the needed theoretical foundation to carry out an array of tests and analyses of your qualitative data. The list of categorical tests available include Chi-squared, Cochran-Armitage test for trend, Correspondence Analysis, Cronbach’s Alpha, Odds ratio, G-test, Linear Discriminant Analysis, Logit, Probit, Logistic regression, and Poisson regression.
Measures of association between categorical variables are also integrated into the research by our in-house experts. These measures include the contingency coefficient, Cohen’s Kappa, Spearman’s Rank Correlation etc.

Alignment with Citation Style, formattting requirements

Get a well-formatted thesis/ manuscript

All formatting and citation/ referencing requirements will be captured in the final thesis/ manuscript.

Summarizing the data

Descriptive statistics and graphical representation

We will provide the requisite descriptive summaries to illuminate your research. A combination of descriptive and graphs will be used to furthers how case your research.

Further Revisions

Subsequent Revisions also available

We will incorporate subsequent revisions of the thesis/ manuscript after further inputs by your supervisor/ reviewer.

Statistical Packages for Qualitative Data Analysis

Seamless and insightful analysis

Some of the software packages at our disposal for qualitative data analysis are IBM SPSS, R, SAS, STATA, Python, etc.

Quality Guaranteed

Get high-quality Thesis/ Manuscript services

Our in-house team will provide excellent thesis/ manuscript improvement services customized to your specific needs..

Technical Support

Robust report development/ formatting tables

You will enjoy an excellent support system for your technical report in line with the research objectives. We’ll also help to format tables and figures according to the referencing style.

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