Statistics & Math Programming

Our solution suite cover all aspects of programming in Statistics and Mathematics.

We deliver objective-driven code development in different research scenarios. 

Codes Creation, Debugging, Translation and Monte Carlo Simulation

Design of Biological Experiments, Data Collection & Analyses, Interpretation.

Code Writing

Wecan help you develop new and efficient codes in software environments like R, SAS, Python, and STATA. Our services cover all aspects of Mathematics and Statistics including advanced algebra, linear algebra, calculus, probability, probability distributions, etc.  

Survival Analysis

We analyze your survival data based on a solid theoretical and application foundation. The Kaplan-Meier curve, comparison of survival distributions, hazard ratio and distributions, etc are part of the mix of services available. Censoring, testing of exposure effect, etc will also be factored in the results.

Checking and Debugging of existing codes

We provide expert troubleshooting on debugging and enhancing efficiency of existing codes in a variety of software environments.


Probability and Probability Models

We provide expert advisory on the relevant discrete (Binomial, Poisson, Negative Exponential, etc) or continuous (Normal, Exponential, Gamma, Weibull, etc) probability distribution for your bio-medical data.These are applicable to pair-matched, case-control and other studies.

Creation and Development of R Libraries

Our in-house team of developers will can help drive the development of a relevant R Library for yourtask for optimal performance.


Our in-house biostatisticians drive the estimation procedure which include the sampling distributions, confidence intervals and small-sample tests of hypotheses. We also help to evaluate the success of intervention in your studies, providing estimates for the odds and correlation coefficients. Summaries like proportions, rates (morbidity, mortality), ratios (relative risk, odds, odds ratio, etc), and means are provided…

Code Translation between software packages

We offer the flexibility to translate your code from one software environment to another for optimizing its performance.

Statistical Tests of Significance in Biostatistics

We will provide the needed professional direction in formulating and testing your research hypotheses. The tests will encapsulate the statistical evidence, rejection region, errors (Type I, Type II), etc.

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Monte Carlo Simulation

Areas Covered : Optimization, Numerical Integration, Sampling, Bootstrapping, etc. 

Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) & Steps in MCMC simulations

We provide the theoretical and algorithmic direction in MCMC problem conceptualizations. We will capture the key steps including setting up the probability distribution, random numbers generation, actual simulation and estimation of parameters, as well as goodness-of-fit. 

Diverse Application Areas are capture

The application fields of Monte Carlo simulation span the sciences, arts, medicine, agriculture, engineering and more.

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