Statistics & Math Tutoring

We provide customized training on statistical and mathematical theory

The training covers specific theoretical and application areas. 

Statistics, Maths, Software Packages Tutoring and more

Design of Biological Experiments, Data Collection & Analyses, Interpretation.

Statistics Teaching

We provide group and private tutor services that are flexible to accommodate your needs.

Survival Analysis

We analyze your survival data based on a solid theoretical and application foundation. The Kaplan-Meier curve, comparison of survival distributions, hazard ratio and distributions, etc are part of the mix of services available. Censoring, testing of exposure effect, etc will also be factored in the results.

Online Training for individuals and groups

Our in-house team and expert tutors in specific areas in statistics and mathematics will deliver the custom-oriented training.

Probability and Probability Models

We provide expert advisory on the relevant discrete (Binomial, Poisson, Negative Exponential, etc) or continuous (Normal, Exponential, Gamma, Weibull, etc) probability distribution for your bio-medical data.These are applicable to pair-matched, case-control and other studies.

Math Teaching

We will help you simplify Mathematical theory and applications for maximum comprehension.



Our in-house biostatisticians drive the estimation procedure which include the sampling distributions, confidence intervals and small-sample tests of hypotheses. We also help to evaluate the success of intervention in your studies, providing estimates for the odds and correlation coefficients. Summaries like proportions, rates (morbidity, mortality), ratios (relative risk, odds, odds ratio, etc), and means are provided…

Software Teaching

We also provide teaching resources for understanding specific software packages. These packages include Python, R, SAS, STATA, IBM SPSS, SPSS Amos, SPSS, SMARTPLS, Mplus and more.

Statistical Tests of Significance in Biostatistics

We will provide the needed professional direction in formulating and testing your research hypotheses. The tests will encapsulate the statistical evidence, rejection region, errors (Type I, Type II), etc.

” I am extremely grateful for the math and stats tutoring service that I received from Igor at Stats4edu. As a master’s student, I found the coursework to be challenging, but my tutor’s expertise and personalized approach made all the difference. With their guidance, I was able to improve my understanding, tackle complex problems, and ultimately succeed in my studies. I highly recommend this tutoring service to anyone who wants to excel in math and statistics.”

Sophie Patel

Master Student, UK

Importing ,Cleaning and fitting statistical model to Data

We can also provide the needed training to help you in you data preliminaries after your field work. We will also provide the needed direction for fitting statistical models to data. Our training will cover all aspects of the process of model fitting and diagnostics.

Data Manipulation and Analysis

We are at your service to provide top-notch advisory on how to extract optimal information from your dataset.

Online/ On-Site Training

The training is flexible and you can make a choice of either online or on-site training.

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Trending Statistics ,Data Science, and ML services

SEM (+PLS-SEM) Modeling and Analysis

Our team offers comprehensive SEM analysis, including PLS-SEM modeling and analysis, using cutting-edge statistical methods and software, with a focus on causal, multivariate, and longitudinal data analysis. We also provide assistance with model selection and validation to ensure accurate representation of the data.

SEM Software and Tool Development

We provide customized SEM software and tool development solutions, tailored to our clients’ specific research needs. Our team also offers training and support services to ensure that clients can effectively use the software and tools.

SEM Consulting and Training

Our team offers SEM consulting and training services online and on-site to help clients understand the fundamentals of SEM, develop SEM models, and interpret the results. We also offer guidance on best practices for SEM research and reporting.

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Stats4edu offer for students

Students with a verified .edu email account are eligible for a Financial Support  (up to 250$) under some conditions. The discount will be applied to the first project order (excluding any renewals or Consultation booking). Students who have ordered a Project help, Supervision  within the last 6 months are not eligible for the discount. Offer only valid on future actions, not applicable to past payments. Discount shall be void and no longer valid if, for any reason, the order, or your right to use the services, is canceled, terminated, and/or suspended. One discount per customer/individual/entity. Contact support for more details .